Overview of Total Parenteral Nutrition


Nurses and other interested healthcare providers are welcome to enroll!

Parenteral nutrition is a solution that is given intravenously to a patient who is unable to consume, digest, or absorb nutrients via the GI tract or those who require increased nutritional supplementation. This 2-hour online program provides a comprehensive overview of total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

Included in this course is a video presentation given by Kay Coulter, CRNI®, VA-BC™ and a downloadable handout.

We recommend that this online course be followed by skills practice/validation with a qualified clinical preceptor at your place of employment.

Content will include:

  • History and development of parenteral nutrition
  • Identification of appropriate patient candidates
  • Composition of basic nutritional solution
  • Proper methods of administration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Patient monitoring
  • Potential complications and recommended interventions
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NOTE: The practice of I.V. Therapy must be performed according to an individual’s State scope of practice for their discipline and/or level of licensure.