VA-BC™ Exam Preparation Study Package - Audio MP3


VA-BC Exam Preparation Study Package


Designed for: Individual Use

Who May Purchase This Program: Nurses & any Healthcare Provider preparing for the VA-BC exam

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The VA-BC™ Exam Preparation Study Package includes a Workbook and Audio MP3 CD:

  • The VA-BC Exam Review Workbook is the actual handout that participants receive in our live VA-BC™ Exam Review Seminars. It provides a structured outline that will help you retain the KEY POINTS needed to pass the exam.  It also contains invaluable tables and diagrams that give additional detailed potential exam information.
  • The VA-BC™ Exam Review Audio MP3 CD is a live audio recording of Kay Coulter, CRNI®, VA-BC™ presenting all the information necessary for you to prepare for and successfully complete the Vascular Access Certification Exam. The audio comes on a CD in an MP3 format that may be played in a CD player (that will accept an MP3 format); on a computer; or may be downloaded to an iPod (or other MP3 player).