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Geriatric I.V. Therapy: Age 65 & Beyond


Designed for: Individual Use

This program was designed to educate healthcare providers about the difference between geriatric patients and other adults in terms of health care needs. Content includes the major normal physiologic changes in the geriatric patient; positive nursing actions that will promote proper I.V. therapy practice; appropriate interventions for major complications associated with I.V. therapy practice; proper venipuncture procedural steps to successfully access the geriatric patient’s veins; and the potential complications related to the administration of I.V. medications and I.V. fluids in the geriatric patient.


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When the Geriatric I.V. Therapy online program is purchased, you will be sent an email (within 1-2 business days) with instructions on how to access the program.

Once you log in to the program, you will be able to print out the course workbook. There will be a Post Test following the Program.

Upon successful completion, a Certificate of Completion (reflecting contact hours for nurses) will automatically be emailed to the individual who purchased the program.

Who May Purchase This Program: Nurses, MA’s and any healthcare provider that is required to insert peripheral I.V. catheters

NOTE: The practice of I.V. Therapy must be performed according to an individual’s State scope of practice for their discipline and/or level of licensure. It is the responsibility of each participant to maintain his or her level of proficiency on an annual basis.


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