Implanted Venous Ports: Overview & Access for Use

CRNI Review

Learn the proper procedure for accessing and de-accessing an implanted venous port.

Often referred to as a “VAD”, the venous port is a common vascular access device that may be implanted in patients who will need long-term infusions.
This 1.5-hour program is designed to provide Nurses and post-graduate nursing students with an overview of implanted venous ports.

Content will include:

  • Overview of the port design, and the variety of ports and types of non-coring access needles available
  • Review of the proper procedure for accessing an implanted venous port
  • Demonstration of the port access procedure on real “live” patients
  • Methods for port assessment prior to access
  • Factors to consider when selecting needle length
  • Sterile field set-up
  • Proper stabilization of the port for needle entry
  • Demonstration of needle removal / de-access of an implanted venous port
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Included in this program is a live recorded audio/slide presentation given by Kay Coulter, CRNI, VA-BC, videos of 2 live implanted venous port access (and de-access) demonstrations, and a downloadable Implanted Venous Ports: Overview & Access for Use workbook.