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Kay Coulter, RN, CRNI, VA-BC




CRNI® Exam Preparation Materials

The Infusion Knowledge CRNI® Review Program covers advanced topics in I.V. Therapy and is specifically designed to prepare Nurses to sit for the INCC national certification CRNI® exam.  It is also appropriate for nurses who want to gain in-depth knowledge of current evidence-based I.V. therapy practice.

Our CRNI® Review Exam Preparation Materials were designed for the nurse who is unable to attend one of our 3-day seminars; though, many of the participants who attend a seminar also choose to purchase our CRNI® Review Exam Preparation Materials to supplement their study efforts and enforce what they learned in class.

Please click on the products listed below to view detailed information about each of the CRNI® Exam Preparation Materials that are currently available.

NOTE: This product includes the additional exam content that was released prior to the September 2013 exam.  Anyone who purchased study materials AFTER March 31, 2013 should have received the updated information (i.e. workbook insert, audio CD and/or additional study cards).  If you purchased materials PRIOR to April 1, 2013 and plan to sit for the exam, please call our office to request an update packet.  Note: There will be a nominal fee (of $25) if you purchased your study materials PRIOR to October 1, 2012.

I just wanted to thank you for your class materials you provide for taking the CRNI test.  I choose to retake the test to maintain my CRNI certification as going to the conventions was cost prohibitive for me.  I used your materials to study for the test and passed this last September with an even higher score then what I received when I took the test the first time 3 years ago.  The information you provided helped me answer questions successfully, but more than that, I learned some things I did not know before and have incorporated them into my own classes I present to fellow nurses.  Thank you for making these materials available for nurses to use and to just plain increase one's knowledge of IV therapy.
Susan Schlinsog, RN, CRNI  -  Shawnee, KS - 11/17/13

This morning I took and successfully completed the CRNI exam with a score of 90%!  I wanted to thank you for helping me with this accomplishment  Your voice was a constant sound in my car speakers the past few weeks...also in my head during the exam (in a good way of course).  The preparation materials along with your teaching style were instrumental in my success today!
Christopher Coccia, RN, CRNI  -  Baldwinsville, NY - 9/9/13

I am so excited to tell you that I passed the CRNI exam on my first try!  The study materials were extremely helpful and the vast information I learned from Ms. Coulter was invaluable.  She really focused my studying in the right path.  I don't think I would have been able to do it without using her study guide materials.  I definitely would recommend her CRNI Review Exam Preparation Materials to anyone who's planning to take the CRNI exam.
Aileene Portalatin, RN, CRNI  -  Edison, NJ - 3/27/13

A review course provides you the information necessary to focus on for the exam.  Kay Coulter's CRNI review course not only prepares you for the exam, but her passion and infinite knowledge inspires you to improve your practice, enhance your institution and better care for your patients.  Kay Coulter will go down in Infusion Nursing History as one of our greatest teachers.
Matthew Ostroff, RN, CRNI, VA-BC, CPUI -  Emerson, NJ - 3/31/12

Took the exam in September 2011 and passed the first time!  Kay said "this is likely to be on the test" and it was!  Also, I continue to go back to the study materials as a resource on my job; as I update policies and keep myself up to date on knowledge I don't use on a daily basis.
Ellen James, CRNI -  Denver, Colorado - 3/25/12

Thank you Kay...I passed the exam!  Awesome format...I could listen in the car and at home doing tasks...then I read the book too - reinforced the material!  All great!
Myrna Stanard, CRNI -  Lincoln, Nebraska - 3/18/12

I recently purchased study materials for the March 2011 CRNI exam and I am happy to report that I passed the exam.  The content you provided was a very crucial element to my success!  Your program is absolutely wonderful.  It not only provided potential CRNI exam content review in a very user friendly format, it provided so many resources and reference material.  I wish I had known about your program earlier.  The "recommended" review material would never have prepared me like Infusion Knowledge did.  Not only did it prepare me, it did it in 2 weeks!!
Juliane Shafer, CRNI - Macedeon, New York - 5/24/11

My intent was to sit for the INS certification exam in March 2011.  Even though I have worked in I.V. Therapy for years, I was very overwhelmed by the boat load of information there was to absorb.  When I searched for review information on the web, I was directed to Infusion Knowledge, Inc.  The best decision I could have made was to purchase the exam study packet through Infusion Knowledge.  It included a lot of helpful info. but my absolute favorite were the flash cards and the audio CD's.  I drive 45 minutes each way to work so each day I listened to the CD's, then I would take the sample tests in the core curriculum book.  I absorb much more by listening and these CD's were extremely helpful.  The flash cards were great as well because my husband could help quiz me with them.  I really feel that this study program helped to ensure my success with the exam, which I passed on March 31, 2011!  I would highly recommend this review course to anyone interested in taking the INS certification exam.
Cindy Stone, CRNI - Canterbury, Connecticut - 4/25/11

The material is organized well and there is lots of reinforcement of learning throughout!!
Sherri Bentley, RN - Seneca, South Carolina - 7/11/11

I ordered the audio tapes, workbook and study cards from your website…this was the best investment I made toward my CRNI exam…this program is so well put together and organized…Kay’s teaching style is more than I can put into words…she not only gives you the definition of a topic, but also pulls it together to make it all make sense…I am not bored going through her tapes because they are so well put together…I want to thank Kay for making me feel, for the first time, that I can take this exam and pass using her program...Thank you Kay for doing a wonderful program.
Tina Kupka, RN - La Crosse, Wisconsin

The Infusion Knowledge CRNI Review Study Cards allowed me to recall information when asked and not become overwhelmed or have my anxiety level increase.  The Infusion Knowledge CRNI Review Study Cards present the information in a more straightforward format, instead of having to read a lengthy answer and then determine what is important; as is the case with another brand of flash cards that are now on the market.  What I found out about the other brand of flash cards was that they were very detailed, lengthy and caused my anxiety level to increase every time that I would attempt to study.  When I tried to study from the other brand of flash cards I was not able to recall all the information that was listed and became very overwhelmed.  With being overwhelmed and having anxiety problems I could not focus on the simple answer.  All I could focus on was the length of the answer.  Therefore, I would recommend the Infusion Knowledge CRNI Review Study Cards over any other flash cards, especially if you have anxiety problems with testing.
DeAnna Francisco RN, BSN, CRNI

Wanted to thank you for the set of CD's and workbook you had available for the CRNI review.  It was so well presented.  I work for a home care company that is an hour away.  I could listen to the CD's in the car.  As the test came closer I listened at home and followed along in the workbook and took notes.  Kay is so upbeat and positive during the entire session.  I have been an I.V. nurse for many years, but to have knowledge on things like pediatrics was a challenge I wasn't sure I was up for.  I need not have worried with the info. Kay presented.  I went to the test feeling very confident and scored an 89%. I  now use the info. as a resource.  Thanks again!
Tina Pugh, CRNI - Dayton, Ohio


What is the pass rate?
93% of the nurses who utilized our CRNI Review Exam Preparation Materials (in 2012) passed the exam on their first attempt
Will this program adequately prepare me to take the CRNI Exam?
100% of the nurses who utilized our CRNI Review Exam Preparation Materials said that the program did adequately prepare them to take the exam
Would our past customers recommend purchasing this program?
100% of the nurses who utilized our CRNI Review Exam Preparation Materials would encourage others to purchase the program
When were the CRNI Review Exam Preparation Materials last updated?
We review and update the program content as needed on an annual basis.  Our program does encompass the latest INS Standards of Practice that were released in January 2011; as well as the additional exam content that was released prior to the September 2013 exam.

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